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New Game!

2016-08-17 03:43:05 by FrankJohnson

Hey guys, I've played games on New Grounds for a while but I just recently posted my first game. Go check it out since it's in the Under Judgement phase it'd be really awesome if you guys rated it highly if you enjoy. Make sure to give it a try!



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2016-08-18 10:30:52

It's cool that your game brings back the good old days of the arcade,may I know what program did you use to make it?

FrankJohnson responds:

Thanks! And I used GameMaker: Studio. You can make games without code for beginners , or you can use code like I did. I personally think it's a great program.


2016-08-18 17:13:48

Wait,I have it too!Thanks anyway!